Organic Black Rice

One of the most underrated food products in the world. Ancient black rice is one of the most underrated superfoods of the decade. Being wowed is the only reaction one can make after knowing the health benefits of this rice. Known to have healing powers by having minerals, nutrients such as Zinc, magnesium, extremely high in protein, high in iron and dietary fiber can do wonders in just a few days of consumption.

Having been as the infamous forbidden rice in Ancient and medieval rice, this rice is not so commonly available in supermarkets but could be a good Kickstarter to a partner who wants to start trade and his own personal brand and create a monopoly business.Few benefits of this Indian superfoods include anti-inflammatory properties, good for liver functioning, best antioxidant a natural detoxifier and the list doesn’t end right here.

However, these health benefits come with a price. Being on the higher side of your pocket, This rice will take your health to a whole new level.It is recommended to consume it at least once two weeks.

Basmati Rice

Indian tradition basmati rice is loved by the world. India is the largest exporter of Basmati rice in the world has created a taste and presence of its own. This type of rice is in huge demand for its various dishes such as Biryani, fried rice. This rice offers long shelf life, aroma and is non-sticky while cooking.

There are various types of rice in Basmati rice. They are:-

  • 1121 white sella
  • 1121 raw
  • 1121 steam
  • 1121 golden sella.

Specifications which are standard for all the types of rice. This type of rice belong to the same traditional family having an average length of 8.35mm


Non-basmati rice

This type of rice belongs to the Non-basmati rice family and generally consist of various types from different parts of the Indian continent.It has few varieties of rice in from the southern continent origin while some from the northern parts of India. Following the regional origin of this type of rice,so is the taste and choice of the rice which is loved by the natives.Varieties of rice in the northern parts of the country are Sharbati, Sugandha, Sharbati white.

Similarly, varieties grown in the southern states include ir64,Swarna rice, and sona masuri rice. These types of rice are loved by the natives who have grown eating these rice. However major exports of these types of rice are towards the far eastern countries and African countries. this type of rice is used by people as it consumed for daily purposes.


Chickpeas, also known as Kabuli Channa in the Indian continent, more popular as garbanzo beans in the western countries have many health benefits. Chickpeas belong to the legumes family is sweet in taste in comparison with other legumes and have more physical weight and count.

Being a super food because of high dietary fiber and high protein content, Chickpeas(Garbanzo) is loved by the western countries in making a topping with American style bread, making hummus in the middle eastern countries and a famous dish made by soaked chickpeas known as Kabuli Channa.

The crop is cultivated in 3 months in a year but the yield is sufficient for an entire year. The awareness and health benefits of chickpeas are linearly increasing and one should  consider having it in his/her diet if health and taste are his/her major priority.