Caprine Agrotech Company, a Project of most reputed and fast growing business is a leading Exporter of agriculture products. The growing demand of our products in the international market has given us a chance to target new clientage in countries around the globe.Caprine Agrotech was formed in 2014 by Mr. Mohammed Sayyed in Pune, Maharashtra. A desire to promote our exports and create a reputation in the international market. An observation that the commodities available at ease locally in India could be a boon to the International markets with health benefits and a perk of getting all the commodities at one place was the motivation which established the pillars of our company.

Caprine worked towards providing Indian origin processed food products in the western market understanding their need and consciousness about health, nutrition, and ease of availability. Now, Caprine works towards working with b2b customers rather than end consumer. This has enhanced our goal of reaching end consumers via our distribution partners.

Exclusive Distribution Network

We are open on your feedback about our distribution and we respect their way of works. Our experienced and dedicated team will always help you in providing help with the logistics, financial transactions and the way you need to portray the brand.We also provide private labels and help and consultancy in our distributors brand creation.We also provide marketing strategies and marketing assistant on various products which are totally new to the local market and can work very well.


India has more than 80% of the world dominant agro commodities grown locally. Understanding this opportunity to represent it the international market thus providing an opportunity to provide a new business for all the trading companies worldwide.

Our Uniqueness

We provide premium products which are unique and rarely available. We are working on such products to promote them in the international market keeping in mind that consumer with the consciousness of health and taste would love these products.

Packing experts

We have our own team with an expertise in packing with an experience of 5 years in the packing industry. Having a market knowledge in various countries, our packing experts can rightly suggest you with the packing which can be successful in your retail market which you are focussing.


We have adopted a work culture and policy which suits the nature of international clients. Understanding the flexible know-how and mutual understanding, our policy favours a strict and disciplined work culture.